Synus15 Check Weigher

The Synus15 is the latest in Minebea-Intec’s Synus family of check weighers. A high speed, high accuracy, check weighing system that, with its modular and configurable design, can cover numerous applications including those requiring Weights & Measures approvals.


  • Machine length: 1200mm +/- (variable depending upon weigh table length)
  • Conveyor height: 600mm – 1100mm variable
  • Throughput: 180 – 250 PPM
  • Capacity: 1kg – 7 kg
  • Smallest division: 0.1g – 1.0g


  • Maximum throughput of 250 pcs. per minute
  • Adjustable conveyor height, allowing you to adapt the checkweigher to changing situations
  • 3 display and control units: 6.4″ TFT, 10.4″ TFT or 15″ TFT with touch screen
  • Upgradable to include a Vistus® metal detector, even after initial installation
  • EMFC high-resolution weigh cell technology offering a high throughput and maximum accuracy

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