Food Foreign Body Detection

Food Foreign Body Detection

Food Metal Detection & X-ray

From our manufacturing facility in Rushden, Northamptonshire, we produce our own range of Food Foreign Body Detection and metal detection equipment. The ‘Fortis’ metal detector concept was borne from the desire to produce a machine that delivers reliable and effective detection and is easy to maintain, future proofed and the ongoing cost of ownership is kept low.

As a Partner with Minebea-Intec, we are also pleased to be able to offer our customers the ‘Dymond’ X-ray system and variants for a range of applications.

We are an independent Company and therefore also offer for sale a range of new food metal detection equipment from other manufacturers including Minebea-Intec, Fortress Technologies (Europe) and Ceia.


In-line food inspection equipment is a major capital expenditure. The Food Foreign Body Detection equipment you invest in must be correct for your application and budget. If you are considering the purchase of new equipment, our sales team would be delighted to meet with you and make recommendations to suit your requirements.

Parvis Metal Detector

Parvis MD

The Parvis metal detector is a collaboration between Minebea-Intec and UKIS. A budget ‘policeman’ metal detector that can be supplied in both ring bell and stop, or full retail compliant variants. It is a compact and economical system featuring the latest technology, and a wise choice versus an aged second-hand alternative.


The Fortis metal detector is designed with the customer in mind, delivering low cost of ownership and simple maintenance. Available from basic ring bell and stop to full retail compliant variants, engineered to eliminate the common operational and servicing problems encountered over many years in the industry.

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The Fortis+ is a larger, more robust metal detection system for detecting bulk or cased product. The system can be supplied with either modular link, or PU belting.

Uk Inspection Systems Food Industry Safety Machines Dymond Xray

Dymond/Dylight X-ray Systems

The Dymond series of X-ray systems cover the majority of applications for inspecting packaged products. The system is extremely versatile for ensuring product integrity and quality.

Service Contracts

Remove the headache of unreliable equipment with a service contract, which will provide you with a cost-effective means of managing your equipment.

UK Inspection Systems Ltd offers a range of service contract levels from which you can select the most appropriate package.

Our contract customers benefit from prioritised call-out response, discounted rates, service interval diary management, technical helpline and document management.

UK Inspection Systems are honest, reliable and highly competitive in the market. They have never let me down, and always get us out of trouble. They will always take your call day or night and provide the cover and support required. Unlike other companies, UKIS only sell themselves – they don’t push products but will advise you wisely.

Engineering Manager, Adelie Foods

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