Consultancy & Investigation Services

Our on-site consultancy and investigation services can provide essential guidance and support to your business and ensure that your food safety regime is operating in line with food industry standards. Equally, should you experience a food safety hazard incident requiring independent investigation, we are on hand to offer our services.

Our expert advisers will carry out a thorough examination of your in-line inspection equipment and review your Critical Control Point (CCP) procedures benchmarked against industry best practice and/or relevant retail Codes of Practice.

We will then create a detailed report that summarises the findings and sets out any remedial actions required to achieve a safe and fully compliant environment.

Contact us now for your immediate requirements or to discuss routine maintenance needs.

On-site Services

UK Inspection Systems Ltd also offers a range of additional on-site services to meet your particular food industry equipment maintenance requirements and all of our services are delivered on-site by our trained and certified engineers. We also offer three different Service and Calibration contract levels.

Machine Upgrades

In the case of changing machine capability for process improvement, or simply to conform to changing codes of practice, our extensive industry knowledge enables us to assess the requirements and offer a comprehensive solution to meet with your needs.


Our calibration services cover Food Metal Detectors, Food Checkweighers, Food X-ray Systems and Food Scales. Calibrations are annually or bi-annually. Our engineers use certified test pieces and certified weights traceable to national standards. A certificate is issued on every visit.


Our quality training courses range from basic line operator coaching and practical sessions on the factory floor to certified engineer and subject matter expert (SME), and can be tailored to suit specific needs or equipment, supporting Technical, Quality and Engineering teams.

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