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Yamato X-ray YX20

The Yamato Xray YX20 represents the most innovative offering in the field of automatic inspection.

Approved inspection suppliers and compliant to BRC, Tesco and M&S standards, the Yamato Xray YX20 series is our most sought-after and adaptable system with a wide range of capabilities.

Superior contaminant identification is achieved using Yamato’s exclusive capabilities for high-sensitivity imaging thanks to our expertise in low-energy technology.

Yamato’s Xray YX20 combines advanced linear array technology with inspection algorithms proven for the most difficult inspections.

Key Features

  • Low cost of ownership
  • Adaptable ergonomic design
  • Inspects wide product range including bulk flow
  • Hygienic design, up to FMSA standard
  • Quick and easy wash-down
  • Easy user interface and controls
  • 24-hour worldwide system support

Superior Performance

  • Contaminant detection (metal, stone, glass, bone and certain plastics).
  • Scanningformass, missing or broken products.
  • Detecting packing voids.
  • Isolating reject based on contamination or check-weigh non-conformities.

Adaptable Configuration

  • Flexible layout
  • Available in curtainless configurations
  • Binless, single or double reject bin options
  • Integrated checkweigher option
  • Seal verification option
  • Standard and IP69K design


Yamato Xray YX20 Datasheet.

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