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Cosynus15 Combination

CoSynus® from Minebea Intec combines the Synus® checkweigher and the Vistus® metal detector. It is used for determining the weight or for completeness checks, for regulating upstream filling systems and for simultaneous detection of metallic components. It is particularly applicable in the food production.

The Vistus® metal detector was developed to achieve an optimal detection sensitivity under any operating conditions. Thus allowing the detection of even the smallest metallic particles in products such as high-alloy steels and non-ferrous metals (copper, brass, aluminum, lead, etc.) Synus® checkweighers are approved for use in legal metrology for average weight control of prepackaged products (AWC) as an automatic checkweigher as well as with MID conformity. To ensure proper integration into your production process, the metal search coil and weigh cell, as well as the weighing belt of the CoSynus® are available in different versions. High-quality materials and an in-house production process ensure that the result is a superior product in line with German Quality standards.

The evaluation electronics can take over both product classification as well as control of sorting and/or signaling devices. Optionally, air blast nozzle ejectors or pneumatic pushers can also be installed on the outfeed belt of the checkweigher as well as on the metal detection conveyor as rejection and/or sorting mechanisms. Depending on the product, separated rejection belts or line separators can be used. “Fail safe” functions such as digital, lockable collection containers with fill level monitoring offer an even higher level of safety for rejections. The optional trend controller can be added to regulate existing packaging or filling machines. This contributes significantly to improved efficiency of filling and helps to prevent costly overfill. All CoSynus® models also offer a variety of interfaces. This enables smooth, centralized integration of CoSynus® checkweighers into existing or new quality assurance systems, for 100% traceability in production monitoring. Checkweighers are connected via Ethernet TCP/IP to the “SPC@Enterprise” QA system, creating an all-inclusive bidirectional link to management functions. An integrated printer module is available as an option for documentation of all relevant operating data. The USB Print option is a reliable, easy-to-use and – most importantly – broadly compatible option for electronic data transfer without a network. CoSynus® has an intuitive user interface, ensuring easy operation.


  • Maximum throughput of 250 pcs. per minute
  • Adjustable conveyor height, allowing you to adapt the checkweigher to changing situations
  • 3 display and control units: 6.4″ TFT, 10.4″ TFT or 15″ TFT with touch screen
  • Upgradable to include a Vistus® metal detector, even after initial installation
  • EMFC high-resolution weigh cell technology offering a high throughput and maximum accuracy
  • Fully integrated control through user interface
  • Dedicated metal and weight reject bin
  • Aperture width of the coils for metal detection: 225mm, 275mm or 375 mm

Additional information

Machine length

1520mm +/- (variable depending upon weigh table length)

Conveyor height

600mm – 1100mm variable


180 – 250 PPM


1kg – 7 kg

Smallest division

0.1g – 1.0g

Cosynus15 Combi Unit Data Sheet


Download the full Cosynus15 Combi Unit datasheet here

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