Dymond X-ray

Dymond X-ray

Dymond X-ray Range

Developed specifically for the food industry, the Dymond X-ray raises the bar in X-ray inspection technology. Delivering high sensitivity with low power consumption the unit provides unparalleled accuracy and reliability. The user interface is icon-based which means that products can easily be set up or adjusted by line operators without special training or previous X-ray knowledge and without the involvement of an engineer. Available in a range of sizes for different applications.


  • Control: 15″ colour touchscreen interface – all models
  • Belt speed: 10 to 49 m/min (standard) | Up to 73 m/min (optional) – all models
  • Conveyor height: 800 – 999mm – all models
  • Radiation safety: FDA CFR 21 part 1020,40 – all models
  • X-ray power: Dymond 40 & 80: 70 kV; 1.4 mA   Dymond 120: 80 kV; 2mA   Dymond 160: 90 kV; 3.5 mA


  • High detection sensitivity
  • Simple maintenance and cleaning
  • Ensures product safety with virtual testing and parallel image processing
  • Meets and surpasses a comprehensive range of environmental and hygiene regulations
  • Outstanding detection performance while ensuring maximum line speeds
  • Multi-lane solutions for up to eight lines through one detector
  • Integrated network compatibility, allowing remote access by for quick fault diagnosis and support

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