Dylight X-ray

Dylight X-ray

Dylight X-ray

The Dylight is a compact, smaller cousin of the Dymond X-ray range, the Dylight is a plug and play system that delivers the high levels of sensitivity expected from an X-ray system, but in a much smaller package. At only one metre long, it will fit into the same space as most metal detectors. Highly suitable and cost effective for the ready meal industry.


  • X-ray power: 65 kV, 1 mA
  • System length: 1.0m
  • Belt speed: 10 to 49 m/min
  • Conveyor height: 800 mm (+200 mm)
  • Reject bin: 300mm wide
  • Resolution: 0.8 mm (standard) 0.4 mm (optional)
  • Radiation safety: FDA CFR 21 part 1020,40


  • Extremely compact design with Intuitive, time-saving operation
  • Maximum product safety thanks to the highest degree of detection sensitivity
  • Easily integrated into existing Minebea data networks
  • Plug and Play: All functions in one unit
  • Takes up only one metre of space in your production line

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