Customer Portal

Customer Portal



Welcome Test (The user name will be automatically changed to match the login name) and logos can be added similar to the above to create a more unique customer experience.

Please note: this page can be completely restyled to allow for different colours and logos, for example you might want to include the customers logo on their page.

The system can accommodate a single ‘customer area’ page, which all customers can have access to (so you might have a special login for all customers which allows them to sign in prior to downloading price lists or brochures)

The system can also be designed to give different information to different user groups (for example, sales, engineering, top10 customers etc).

And, if requires It can also allow for a completely bespoke page for each customer. This will require a little more administration at your end but will give each customer a unique experience.

This space is fully editable and can be configured to accept word, excel, jpg and pdf documents. Publishing of documents is directly through the website and an Initial training of 2-3 hours will be required for the system administrator to ensure they understand what can (and cannot) be published. This training will likely need to be carried out onsite.

As you can see, items can be added as links directly to the page for downloading as follows;

Line 1 MD (1101833018-0040, AS00664) November 2018

Line 1 MD ( 1101833018-0040 ) April Pass

Line 2 MD ( 1101833018-0050 ) April Pass

Bulk MD (52220, AS0661) November 2018</a

Bulk Detector MD (52220) Nov 17 Pass

Bulk Detector MD (52220) July 17 Pass This is a test PDF Document

This page can also include text and links to provide context, for example – Download out current brochure

Please note additional, more complex functionality can be added for example the file management system below, which can create more flexibility for items such as Engineering Files, Cad Drawings or similar

This shortcode is for logged-in users only