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UK Inspection Systems can upgrade your existing systems to comply with the requirements of market leading retailers such as Tesco and Marks & Spencer. We work closely with our customers to tailor upgrades to suit each individual's requirements. Our supermarket specification upgrade kits can be fitted to the majority of makes and models and can be fitted internally, or in a box mounted to the side of the machine.

We also offer a Down Time Saver (DTS) System, which can be retro-fitted to any metal detector, checkweigher, X-ray machine or transport conveyor where product passes, using a PEC to monitor packs passing down the production line and stopping the belt after a specified period of inactivity. The machines can be restarted by pressing the Start button. Not only does this reduce energy usage, it also reduces down time caused by excessive wear and tear on the running gear of your systems. Please contact us to find out more and discuss your requirements.